Car Leasing Liverpool

Car Leasing Liverpool

Throughout the Liverpool area, we can offer a great car leasing service, we have found that the type of car required is as varied as the area, so whether it is a SUV, Saloon or a nifty run around we can help you. Not forgetting our van drivers, we can find the one that suits your daily personal or business needs. 

Leaseline is family run and owned company, we pride ourselves on providing an honest straight forward service, finding you the best price for the vehicle you want.

About Liverpool

More than 13,000 Liverpudlians died in World War I. In 1921 a memorial was erected outside the Cunard building to all the Cunard employees who died in the war. 

In 1928 a survey showed 14% of the city's population were living in poverty. This was, of course, much worse than what we would call poverty today. In those days poor people were living at bare survival level. 

In 1934 the Queensway road tunnel was built. The Kingsway Road Tunnel followed in 1971. 

In the early 20th century the city suffered a shortage of houses. Overcrowding was common, as was slum housing. The council built some council houses but nothing like enough to solve the problem. Furthermore Liverpool suffered severely in the depression of the 1930s and up to a third of men of working age were unemployed. 

During the Second World War Liverpool was a target as it was, obviously, an important port. Some 3,875 people died in Merseyside and more than 10,000 houses were destroyed. Many more people were seriously injured and many more houses were damaged. 

After World War II the council was faced with the task of replacing bombed houses. It also had to replace many slum houses. Like other cities Liverpool 'redeveloped' central areas of the city in the 1950s and 1960s and many new council houses and flats were built. Overspill towns were built near the city at Kirkby and Skelmersdale Unfortunately demolishing terraced houses and replacing them with high rise flats broke up communities. 

In 1974 the boundaries of Liverpool were changed so it became part of an administrative area called Merseyside. 

Meanwhile the Roman Catholic Cathedral in Liverpool was consecrated in 1967. The Anglican Cathedral was not completed until 1978. 

In the later 20th century industries in Liverpool included engineering, cement manufacture, sugar refining and flour milling. For a time, in the 1950s and 1960s the local economy boomed but it turned sour in the late 1970s and 1980s as Liverpool, like the rest of the country suffered from recession. Liverpool became an unemployment black spot. One consequence of Liverpool's social problems were the Toxteth riots of 1981. 

Liverpool is now trying to promote tourism using its heritage as an attraction. Merseyside Maritime Museum opened in 1980. The Tate Gallery of Modern Art opened in 1988.


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